Best Battery Stocks in India 2023 - Analysis & Complete List (2023)

Best Battery Stocks in India: Across all major automotive markets globally, we are witnessing a transformative shift to electric mobility. Even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, while vehicle sales have dropped significantly in many of these markets, the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) bucked the trend in 2020. India also is keen on following this global trend.

In this article, we take a closer look at the best battery stocks in India for 2023 which will benefit from the EV boom. Keep Reading to find out!

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Battery Industry in India

Today, batteries represent 40-50% of the costs in a typical compact class electric car’s bill of materials, compared to 30-40% of costs in the case of conventional powertrains. The lithium-ion batteries market in India is expected to grow significantly in the next five years.

A report by JMK Research estimates the annual lithium-ion battery market in India to increase at a CAGR of 37.5% to reach 132 GWh in 2030. The cumulative lithium-ion battery market size is estimated to increase from 2.9 GWh in 2018 to about 800 GWh by 2030.

As per consulting firm Mckinsey Global new-car sales of electric vehicles (EVs), mainly battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and(PHEVs), are expected to increase from 3.5% of the global passenger vehicle sales share in 2020 to 39% in 2030 due to regulatory pressures and changing customer demand.

Impact of the Covid Pandemic on the Battery Market in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Indian EV battery market due to the disruption in the supply chain, as the country is largely dependent upon imports of raw materials such as lithium and cobalt.

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The rising cases of Coronavirus infections led to localized lockdowns due to which the suppliers were forced to halt their production, even though the logistics operations were severely restricted.

The decline in lithium-ion battery prices along with the emergence of electric vehicle and energy storage systems (ESS), for both commercial and residential applications, is expected to be the major driver for the lithium-ion battery market in India.

The rising concerns about the negative impact of fuel-based vehicles on the environment are primarily augmenting the demand for electric batteries. Significant growth in the automotive industry has led to the development of various customizable options for EV batteries to be installed in trucks, buses, excavators, etc.

Apart from this, the introduction of several government initiatives for promoting the adoption of electric vehicles to curb air pollution, numerous subsidies, and financial aid across India has increased the demand for EV batteries.

For lead-acid batteries in the Indian market, Amara Raja and Exide are the market leaders holding more than 70% of the market share combined. The technological maturity as well as the development of connections with OEMs, well-developed supply chains, and manufacturing establishments across the country.

For Li-ion batteries, the OEMs rely on Chinese manufacturers for battery cells and packs as a whole.

An unorganized market takes a market share of 30-40% of the market, leaving the rest for the organized market. It has been observed that local manufacturers in the unorganized market provide a 20-30% cheaper option than branded battery products with similar configurations.

However, in the future, it is expected that the organized market will consolidate through the acquisition of small players by larger ones.

In addition, unorganized players are more likely to wind down due to stringent rules on recycling and manufacturing processes.


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Best Battery Stocks in India for 2023

Let’s take a close look at some of the biggest battery makers in India and try and analyze their business prospects in the Electric vehicle Battery Segment.

Best Battery Stocks in India #1 – Exide Industries

Exide Industries Ltd is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of storage batteries and allied products in India. The company along with Amara Raja contributes to around 70% market share in the battery segment in India.

In 2018, the company entered the domestic lithium battery business by forming a JV with Leclanche SA in a ratio of 75:25. The JV was established to start assembling lithium-ion batteries in India in FY21 from cells sourced from overseas and then gradually set up backward integration facilities for manufacturing cells in India.

The JV was formed with a focus on e-transport, stationary energy storage systems, and speciality storage markets. As part of the JV, Leclanche will provide its know-how and intellectual property for lithium-ion cells, modules, and battery management systems, and Exide Industries will leverage its sales network and brands.

The company already has tie-ups with around 100 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and is carrying out the testing for different prototypes. The company has been acquiring an additional stake in Leclanche SA in the subsidiary Exide Leclanche Energy Pvt Ltd.

It acquired a 7.7% stake in its partner for Rs 106 crores between Aug 2020 & April 2021. The company is debt-free and has a market capitalization of almost $2 billion.

Additionally, it recorded its highest sales in the June 2022 quarter, as compared to its previous 12 consecutive quarters. Exide is expected to make full use of the opportunity presented by the EV battery segment.

Best Battery Stocks in India #2 – Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Amara Raja Batteries Limited, the flagship company of the Amara Raja Group, is the technology leader and is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for both industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry. The company’s industrial and automotive batteries are exported to 32 countries across the globe.

Amara Raja Batteries has announced its plans to invest about US $1 billion in capital expenditure over the next five to seven years. The company said it will largely use the investment for a 10-12 GWh lithium-ion battery facility under the Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC), PLI (Production Linked Incentives) scheme of the government.

Amara Raja has recently set up India’s maiden technology hub to develop lithium-ion cells, at its Tirupati facility in Andhra Pradesh. The company has invested Rs 200 million into this project.

The company has had a technology transfer agreement with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) since early 2019. In January 2019, ISRO named Amara Raja as one of the companies to which it proposed to transfer the technology to manufacture lithium-ion cells as part of the government’s effort to push electric mobility.

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Under the tech transfer, ISRO will help these companies set up lithium-ion cell manufacturing units and train their staff. The cells were originally developed for use in launch vehicles and satellites.

However, none of them has started manufacturing. Amara Raja is the first to set up the development hub towards the same.

Amara Raja has one of the biggest distribution networks in India comprising more than 30,000+ retailers. The company has a Rs 10,290 crore market capitalization with consistent sales and profits across 10+ years.

The company has not been able to grow sales at a high pace in recent years. But with the electric vehicle battery segment growing rapidly, the company is anticipated to be the leading player in the battery segment in the upcoming years which makes it one of the best battery sector stocks in India to watch in 2023

Best Battery Stocks in India #3 – Tata Power & Tata Chemicals

The Tata Group companies (Tata Power & Tata Chemicals) are poised to benefit immensely from the boom in the battery space for EVs.

These companies being market leaders in their respective fields derive synergy from each other. Tata Power is building an ecosystem for EVs with the support of group companies Tata Chemicals and Tata motors. Tata Power will bring in the know-how while Tata Chemical will provide battery technology.

Tata Power has partnered with MacroTech Developers (Lodha) to provide end-to-end EV charging stations in all its residential and commercial projects across Mumbai and Pune. Under this partnership, Tata Power will install EV charging stations at Lodha developments. The chargers will be accessible to all residents and visitors who are EV owners.

Meanwhile, Tata Chemicals has launched a lithium-ion battery recycling initiative, as part of its commitment to sustainability. The company aims to recycle 500 tonnes of used Li-ion batteries, to recover valuable metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

Tata Chemicals has also signed an MoU with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the transfer of ISRO’s lithium-ion cell technology. It will soon start building a manufacturing facility for lithium-ion cells in Gujarat.

The Tata group company is likely to seek incentives under the PLI scheme and may also export the cells from India.

Best Battery Stocks in India #4 – Uno Minda Ltd

The N.K. Minda Group’s flagship company, Uno Minda Limited (formerly Minda Industries), is one of India’s most versatile auto component producers. It is a tier-1 supplier of patented automotive solutions to OEMs and a technical leader in the automotive components business.

It is the first car component producer to supply electric vehicle manufacturers. It has already received orders to offer electric vehicle mobility components. It is primarily focused on R&D and has a prestigious roster of electric vehicle clients

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Minda Corporation now has two separate divisions dedicated to EV in the form of the EME division (Electronic Manufacturing Excellence) and Spark Minda Green Mobility Company. It focuses more on power electronics. For BMS, Minda is in final talks for collaboration with major start-ups. This is expected to pave the way for more orders in the EV segment

Recently its subsidiary Spark Minda Green Mobility Solutions acquired a 26% equity stake in charging solutions startup EVQPOINT Solutions. The company believes that the strategic partnership will position Spark Minda to capitalize on the accelerating shift to electric mobility and further boost its position as a one-stop shop for comprehensive charging solutions for EVs.

Complete List Of Battery Stocks in India 2023

Eveready Industries India2,125.01 289589.840.00
HBL Power Systems3,091.83 112.3531.770.63
Indo-National 240.64 322-1.28
High Energy Batteries (India)334.17 363.418.28363.4


Top EV Stocks in India 2023 – List Of Electric Vehicle Companies in India

In Closing

Though there are considerable and multifaceted challenges that need to be addressed, India has started taking the right steps in promoting domestic battery manufacturing.

It is imperative to continue building on this through concerted efforts across the entire battery and vehicle value chains to promote the development of an entire local ecosystem together with global partners. The right measures can thus pave the road for accelerating India’s clean energy transition.

The organized sector is currently dominated by a few players who are also the best battery sector stocks in India, which includes Exide, Amara Raja, a few growing companies Luminous, HBL, Enersys, and other emerging/upcoming companies including Eastman, Arise, Base Corporation and Rocket Batteries, etc.

Newer applications and more demanding performance requirements encourage new technology players to enter the Indian battery market. It will create healthy competition in R&D and will open the market for advanced lead-acid batteries.

We hope you liked this article on Best Battery Stocks in India for 2023 and found it useful. Comment Down Below and let us know which is your favorite battery stock. Happy Investing!

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Best Battery Stocks in India 2023 - Analysis & Complete List? ›

Exide - India's No. 1 Inverter Battery.

What is the target price of Amar Raja battery share in 2023? ›

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. (500008) Stock Price Prediction, Stock Forecast for next months and years
DateOpening priceMaximum price
June 2023Open: 609.446Max: 609.446
July 2023Open: 604.408Max: 610.792
August 2023Open: 611.608Max: 627.102
September 2023Open: 623.628Max: 630.031
35 more rows

Which is the No 1 battery in India? ›

Exide - India's No. 1 Inverter Battery.

What is the best battery stock to buy in India? ›

AMARA RAJA BATTERIES638.85 -1.07%638.60 -1.15%
BHARAT ELECTRONICS107.05 -0.56%107.00 -0.74%
EXIDE INDUSTRIES204.50 -0.56%204.60 -0.56%
HERO MOTOCORP2,703.25 -1.13%2,713.00 -0.81%
6 more rows

What are the best lithium stocks to buy in India? ›

By Bob Haegele
  • Albemarle.
  • SQM.
  • Lithium Americas.
  • Piedmont Lithium.
  • Ganfeng Lithium.
  • Livent.
  • Buying Lithium Stocks.
  • Lithium Stock ETFs.
7 days ago

Which stock is the forever battery? ›

QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) could be one of the most exciting forever battery stocks on the market. At the moment, QS trades at just $7.30 a share.

Should I buy Amara Raja batteries? ›

1. Is Amara Raja Batteries Ltd a good quality company? Past 10 year's financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is a good quality company.

Who is the largest producer of EV batteries in India? ›

Amara Raja Batteries is among India's largest manufacturers and suppliers of electric vehicle batteries. Like Tata Group, Amara Raja Batteries has ventured into various sectors besides battery manufacturing and has collaborated with ISRO to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Who has the biggest battery share in India? ›

Best Battery Stocks in India #1 – Exide Industries

Exide Industries Ltd is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of storage batteries and allied products in India. The company along with Amara Raja contributes to around 70% market share in the battery segment in India.

Who is the biggest battery supplier in India? ›

Exide Industries Ltd.

Exide Industries ltd is India's largest selling battery company.

What are the 10 best stocks to buy in India? ›

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India
Company NameLTPAll T/H Date
Hind. Unilever2641.4521-09-2021 12:00:00
Tata Consumer765.4507-09-2021 12:00:00
HDFC Life Insur.557.602-09-2021 12:00:00
Tata Steel104.6516-08-2021 12:00:00
42 more rows

Which share is best in power? ›

Start Investing in 5 mins*
Company NameLTPVolume
Gujarat Industries Power Co Ltd99.05839690
India Power Corporation Ltd10.618662
Indowind Energy Ltd10.95116597
Inox Wind Energy Ltd1344.24208
24 more rows

Will lithium stocks go up 2023? ›

But with the prices seemingly passing a trough, Firetrail analysts are predicting a bright outlook for the rest of this year. “An acceleration of electric vehicle sales in China and battery production could provide upside to lithium prices in the second half of 2023.”

What are the hottest lithium stocks? ›

Best lithium stocks
Company NameSymbolYTD Return
Sigma Lithium Corp.SGML35.28%
Quantumscape Corp.QS20.74%
Lucid Group Inc.LCID18.64%
1 more row
May 1, 2023

What battery did Bill Gates invest in? ›

Why Bill Gates invested in this tiny start-up that helps turn lithium into batteries. Bill Gates' investment fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures recently invested $10 million in a seven-person start-up with no revenue and no customers, Mangrove Lithium.

Which battery is the future? ›

New-Generation Lithium-Ion Battery

The next generation of lithium-ion batteries will work on technological innovations in the cathode, enabling higher energy densities and lower costs.

What is Bill Gates battery company? ›

Open. Form Energy Inc., an energy-storage company backed by Bill Gates's Breakthrough Energy Ventures, is planning a $760 million factory in West Virginia, the latest plant announced in the aftermath of President Joe Biden's landmark climate law.

Why did Amara Raja and Exide share fall? ›

The stock of Amara Raja underperformed big time in the last three years due to the pandemic and increasing raw material costs.

Which is best Exide or Amara Raja Batteries? ›

Summary. In a financial analysis, between Amara Raja Batteries & Exide industrial batteries; PE ratio, ROCE & ROE all 3 parameters are considered very important. And in all these 3 parameters Amara Raja Batteries is performing better.

What is the target for Raja batteries? ›

Sharekhan by BNP Paribas has buy call on Amara Raja Batteries with a target price of Rs 696. The current market price of Amara Raja Batteries is Rs 562.35. Amara Raja Batteries, incorporated in the year 1985, is a Mid Cap company (having a market cap of Rs 9576.60 Crore) operating in Auto Ancillaries sector.

Who makes batteries for Tata Motors? ›

Born of strong parentage to bring more power to you

TATA AutoComp's wide-ranging experience in the automotive industry and GS YUASA International's superior technological knowledge paved the way for Tata Green Batteries. So, with every offering, you are experiencing the distinctive mark of this collaboration.

Who is leading in EV battery technology? ›

CATL is the leading brand in EV battery manufacturing, securing 34% of the market share.

Which company will dominate electric cars in India? ›

9. Which company produces electric vehicles in India? The top Electric vehicle producers in India are Tata Motors, JBM Auto, Olectra Greentech, Mahindra Electric mobility, Ola Electric Mobility, Ashok Leyland Electric, Hyundai, Hero Electric, Menza Motors, Lohia Auto, Kia Motors, etc.

Which battery is used in Tata Motors? ›

Power your drive with futureproof lithium-ion battery chemistry that's compatible with upcoming Fast Charging Networks. IP67 Battery pack ensures dust and water proof performance. Chilled Liquid Cool Battery delivers peak charging and unmatched performance consistently over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Which battery is used in Mahindra EV? ›

Mahindra Treo Lithium Ion Battery, for Vehicles
Application Areafor Vehicles
Capacity>5000 mAh
Nominal Voltage48 V
Battery TypeLithium Ferro Phosphate

Who is the father of battery in India? ›

Many of us do not realize that Agastya Rishi was the father of the electricity and electric battery. Maharishi Agastya was one of the Saptrishi and he was the elder brother of Sage Vashistha who was KulGuru of King Dasharath.

Who has the biggest battery factory? ›

Biggest Battery Manufacturers in the World
  • Farasis Energy (Gan Zhou) Co., Ltd. Market share as of July 2022: NA (1% in 2021) ...
  • Envision AESC. Market share as of July 2022: NA (2% in 2021) ...
  • Svolt Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ...
  • Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery. ...
  • Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd. ...
  • CALB Group Co., Ltd. ...
  • Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
Mar 3, 2023

Who are the top EV car battery manufacturers in India? ›

On the basis of industry expert discussion and trusted media sources, we are giving the top 10 lithium battery manufacturers in India.
  • Mahindra – EV.
  • Hyundai – EV.
  • Ola – EV.
  • Amara Raja (Amaron) – EV.
  • Exide – EV.
  • Panasonic – Telecom.
  • LG – Telecom.
  • Samsung – Telecom.
Jan 23, 2023

Which stocks will grow in 2023 in India? ›

Best Stocks to Buy in India for Long Term in 2023
S.No.Long Term Stocks IndiaIndustry
1.Reliance IndustriesMultinational Conglomerate
2.Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)Information Technology
3.InfosysInformation Technology
4.HDFC BankBanking
1 more row

What are the best stocks to buy in 2023? ›

10 of the Best Stocks to Buy for 2023
StockYTD Total Returns Through May 17
Walt Disney Co. (DIS)6.8%
PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL)-13.7%
EOG Resources Inc. (EOG)-12.5%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV (ASR)25.8%
7 more rows
7 days ago

Where to invest in 2023 India? ›

Best Investment Options In 2023
  • Featured Partners.
  • 1) Public Provident Fund (PPF)
  • 2) National Savings Certificate (NSC)
  • 3) Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.
  • 4) Government Bonds.
  • 5) National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • 6) Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)
  • 7) Equity Mutual Funds.

Where is India getting lithium from? ›

India Discovers Lithium-Rich Bauxite Reserves in Indian-Administered Jammu and Kashmir.

Which lithium-ion battery has the highest global market share? ›

The lithium cobalt oxide segment accounted the largest market share over the forecast period. On the basis of type, the global lithium-ion battery Market is segmented into lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide, lithium titanate.

Who is the world No 1 lithium producer? ›

Lithium is currently produced from hard rock or brine mines. Australia is the world's biggest supplier, with production from hard rock mines. Argentina, Chile and China mainly produce it from salt lakes.

What is the best green energy stocks to buy India? ›

CompanyCMP (Rs)P/E (x)
TATA POWER207.7101.0
10 more rows

Is Adani Green Energy a good buy? ›

Is Adani Green Energy Ltd a good quality company? Past 10 year's financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that Adani Green Energy Ltd is a below average quality company.

Which are the best penny stocks to buy in India? ›

Some of the Best Penny Stocks to Buy In India
S.No.Top Penny Stocks in India 2023Industry
1.Vodafone Idea LtdTelecom
2.Alok Industries LtdTextile
3.Jammu & Kashmir Bank LtdBanking
4.Indian Overseas BankBanking
4 more rows
Apr 27, 2023

How much will lithium cost in 2023? ›

Integrated lithium refineries are still very profitable under current prices. Under a consensus price scenario, the highest-cost integrated carbonate producer has a total cash cost of $11,650/t in 2023, one-third of the spot price on March 27.

What will lithium prices be in 2024? ›

Where are lithium prices going?
  • 2022 US$67,240.
  • 2023 US$58,015.
  • 2024 US$12,500.
  • 2025 US$12,500.
Dec 8, 2022

How much will lithium battery cost in 2023? ›

Most lithium batteries cost $10 to $20,000, depending on the device. EV batteries usually cost $4,760 – $19,200, and solar batteries cost $6,800 – $10,700. Most lithium-ion batteries cost $10 to $20,000, depending on the device it powers.

What is a good lithium stock to buy now? ›

  • Pilbara Minerals Limited ($PLS)
  • Mineral Resources Limited ($MIN)
  • Allkem Limited ($AKE)
  • Liontown Resources Limited ($LTR)
  • Core Lithium Ltd ($CXO)
  • De Grey Mining Limited ($DEG)
  • Lake Resources NL ($LKE)
Apr 17, 2023

Which lithium shares are a buy now? ›

Atlantic Lithium Ltd (ASX: A11), Leo Lithium Ltd (ASX: LLL), and Ioneer Ltd (ASX: INR) shares could all be a buy, according to analysts.

What is the cheapest lithium stock to buy? ›

  • Cheap Lithium Stocks: Snow Lake Resources (LITM)
  • Tearlach Resources (TELHF)
  • Cheap Lithium Stocks: Ganfeng Lithium Group (GNENF)
  • Pilbara Minerals (PILBF)
  • Cheap Lithium Stocks: Lithium Americas (LAC)
  • Mineral Resources (MALRF)
  • Cheap Lithium Stocks: Noram Lithium (NRVTF)
Jan 15, 2023

What is the best lithium stocks to buy in India? ›

By Bob Haegele
  • Albemarle.
  • SQM.
  • Lithium Americas.
  • Piedmont Lithium.
  • Ganfeng Lithium.
  • Livent.
  • Buying Lithium Stocks.
  • Lithium Stock ETFs.
7 days ago

Which battery share is best in India? ›

BHARAT ELECTRONICS108.70 0.74%108.80 0.83%
EXIDE INDUSTRIES206.75 -1.34%206.80 -1.24%
HERO MOTOCORP2,739.40 1.07%2,738.70 1.04%
KABRA EXTRUSION461.55 -0.27%460.50 -0.59%
6 more rows

Is India rich in lithium? ›

India discovered an enormous deposit of lithium.

9, India's government announced a discovery with massive implications for its environment, international relations, and political scene: an untapped 5.9 million-ton stash of lithium reserves located within the region of Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the long term target for Amara Raja batteries? ›

View 13 reports from 6 analysts offering long term price targets for Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. has an average target of 641.00. The consensus estimate represents an upside of 3.43% from the last price of 619.75.

What is the result of Amara Raja batteries in Q1 2023? ›

Amara Raja Batteries recorded an income of ₹26.21 billion (~$329.14 million) in the first quarter (Q1) of the financial year (FY) 2023, a 20% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase from the ₹21.81 billion (~$273.88 million) recorded in the previous quarter.

What is the target price for Amara? ›

Sharekhan by BNP Paribas has buy call on Amara Raja Batteries with a target price of Rs 696. The current market price of Amara Raja Batteries is Rs 560.65.
Most Searched Stocks.
Tata Motors Share Price515.95
03:59 PM | 12 May 20234.35 (0.85%)
ITC Share Price420.45
03:59 PM | 12 May 20230.05 (0.01%)
17 more rows
Mar 1, 2023

Why did Amara Raja Batteries drop? ›

The stock of Amara Raja underperformed big time in the last three years due to the pandemic and increasing raw material costs. Its revenue increased at a CAGR of 9% in the last three years while its net profit increased at a CAGR of only 2%. Look at its chart below.

What is the unclaimed dividend of Amara Raja Batteries? ›

2.90/- (representing 290%) per equity share of Rs. 1/- each fully paid up for the Financial Year 2022-23 and the said interim dividend shall be paid on or before December 2, 2022.

What is the result of Amara Raja Batteries q2 2023? ›

  • 24.05.2023. Amara Raja Batt Consolidated March 2023 Net Sales at Rs 2,429.44 crore, up 11.39% Y-o-Y.
  • 24.05.2023. Amara Raja Batt Standalone March 2023 Net Sales at Rs 2,429.21 crore, up 11.4% Y-o-Y.
  • 25.01.2023. Amara Raja Batt Consolidated December 2022 Net Sales at Rs 2,637.76 crore, up 11.49% Y-o-Y.
  • 25.01.2023.

What are future plans of Amara Raja Batteries? ›

Over the next 10 years, the company intends to invest over ₹9500 crores, after necessary approvals. The initial facilities would include an energy research and innovation center in Hyderabad, dubbed the Amara Raja E-hub.

What is the share price of Amma Raja battery? ›

* BSE Market Depth (18 May 2023)
3 more rows

What is the target for Exide battery share? ›

30 Jan 2023Exide Industries Ltd.215.00
11 Aug 2022Exide Industries Ltd.191.00
26 May 2022Exide Industries Ltd.155.00
07 May 2022Exide Industries Ltd.189.00
13 more rows

Which company uses Amara Raja Batteries? ›

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

ARBL supplies automotive batteries under OE relationships to Ford India, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Ashok Leyland, and Tata Motors, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India Private Ltd, Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto Ltd among others.

What is the target price for Electra battery Materials stock? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 4 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Electra Battery Materials Corp have a median target of 6.64, with a high estimate of 7.75 and a low estimate of 5.95. The median estimate represents a +255.22% increase from the last price of 1.87.

What is the highest price target stock? ›

The latest closing stock price for Target as of May 23, 2023 is 147.16.
  • The all-time high Target stock closing price was 257.58 on November 16, 2021.
  • The Target 52-week high stock price is 183.89, which is 25% above the current share price.

What is lila price target? ›

Liberty Latin America Ltd (NASDAQ:LILA)

The 7 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Liberty Latin America Ltd have a median target of 12.00, with a high estimate of 15.00 and a low estimate of 5.50. The median estimate represents a +48.88% increase from the last price of 8.06.

What is Vermilion target price? ›

The average price target for Vermilion Energy is C$25.44. This is based on 9 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is C$31.00 ,the lowest forecast is C$19.00. The average price target represents 59.80% Increase from the current price of C$15.92.


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