Exide - India's largest selling batteries (2023)

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Exide - India's largest selling batteries? ›

1. Exide Industries Ltd. Exide Industries ltd is India's largest selling battery company.

Which is the most popular battery in India? ›

1. Exide Industries Ltd. Exide Industries ltd is India's largest selling battery company.

Which is the first largest selling automotive battery brand in India? ›

#1 Exide Industries Limited

1947) is the leading manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in India. As of 2021, the Kolkata battery major had a revenue of Rs 15,258 Cr with average 3 years sales growth of 15.81 percent. Exide has international footprints as well.

What is the market share of Exide batteries in India? ›

A market leader in storage batteries in India, Exide Industries holds a market share of 60% in the industry. Its segment includes automotive & industrial batteries and it controls 86 percent of the 2W market.

What is the market share of Exide in battery market? ›

Exide is the market leader in the organized lead acid battery segment, commanding a lion's market share in the domestic market. In the organized OEM segment, its overall market share of 3/4W is ~60% while 2W it is ~65%.

Which is the largest selling automotive battery brand? ›

  • Exide. Founded in 1947, Exide Industries Limited is the largest producer of automotive batteries and industrial lead acid batteries in India and the only company which offers submarine batteries to Indian Navy. ...
  • ACDelco. ...
  • DieHard. ...
  • Amaron. ...
  • Optima. ...
  • Odyssey. ...
  • Tata Green. ...
  • NAPA.

Which battery is best quality in India? ›

List of the top 5 luminous batteries:
Luminous Red Charge 15000 Tubular Battery12 V120 Ah
Luminous Inverlast 12V 220Ah Lead Acid Tubular Battery, ILTT-2606012 V150-220 Ah
Luminous Inverlast 180Ah Tubular Battery, ILTT 2406012 V180 Ah
Luminous Red Charge 200Ah Tubular Battery, RC 2500012 V </200 Ah
1 more row

Which is best battery amaron or exide? ›

The Price: Amaron batteries tend to be more expensive than Exide batteries. Battery Performance: Both Amaron and Exide batteries are known for their reliable performance. However, Amaron batteries are known to have a longer life and are able to withstand extreme temperatures better than Exide batteries.

Which battery company owned by Tata? ›

CEO, Tata Green Batteries

As the CEO of Tata Green Batteries, India, Mr. Ravi Gupta is also the head of Independent After Market and is on the Board of Directors for TATA AutoComp SECO Powertrain Pvt. Ltd.

Which company battery used in Maruti cars? ›

Maruti Suzuki Car Battery from Exide, Amaron, SF Sonic: Batterybhai.com.

Which is better Amara Raja or Exide? ›

Exide vs Amara Raja Return on Equity (2018-2022)

The 5-year average for Amara Raja stands at 15.4%, which is higher than Exide's which stands at 11.1%. A higher number indicates that Amara Raja is generating more returns by employing its capital efficiently.

Who owns Exide India? ›

Exide Industries
HeadquartersKolkata, West Bengal, India
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleBharat Dhirajlal Shah (Chairman) Subir Chakraborty (CEO) A K Mukherjee (CFO) Uttio Majumdar (CMO)
Revenue₹12,851 crore (US$1.6 billion) (2021-22)
10 more rows

Why Exide shares are falling? ›

"Underperformance of Exide Industries can be mainly attributed to market share loss in the automotive OEM segment (Amara Raja Batteries added two new accounts in the two-wheeler OEM segment), the automotive replacement segment (Amara Raja Batteries reported double-digit volume growth in this segment versus single-digit ...

What is the most popular battery? ›

Lithium-ion batteries, also frequently referred to as li-ion, are the most popular and regularly used batteries in today's world.

Which company car battery is best in India? ›

Top 10 car battery manufacturers in India
  • Exide. ...
  • AMARON. ...
  • Tata. ...
  • Liveguard. ...
  • Southern Batteries. ...
  • Okaya. ...
  • Z-Power. ...
  • Voltherm Technologies. Voltherm Technologies is a registered limited liability partnership (LLP) company that specializes in the research and production of solar consumer goods as well as lithium battery packs.
Dec 30, 2022

Which AA battery lasts the longest in India? ›

Energizer Ultimate Lithium: The longest-lasting AA battery.

What is the most popular battery company? ›

Biggest Battery Manufacturers in the World
  • Farasis Energy (Gan Zhou) Co., Ltd. Market share as of July 2022: NA (1% in 2021) ...
  • Envision AESC. Market share as of July 2022: NA (2% in 2021) ...
  • Svolt Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ...
  • Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery. ...
  • Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd. ...
  • CALB Group Co., Ltd. ...
  • Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
Mar 3, 2023


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