Four best coworking spaces in Irvine (2023)

From sleek spaces in Lakeshore to laid-back vibes in The Boardwalk, find the best coworking spaces in Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA, is a hub of well-known corporations, including those in the technology and semiconductor industries. This Orange County city is where many well-known companies are headquartered, including Allergan, LA Fitness, Tilly’s, and Ultimate Ears. Even international corporations, such as Asics, Samsung, and Toshiba, call Irvine home for their North American headquarters. Whatever industry you’re in, you can expect to find momentum for your career in Irvine.

But it’s not only about business in Irvine. It is also home to notable higher education institutions and campuses including Pepperdine University California State University Fullerton, and the University of California, Irvine, among others. The city is known for its Global Village Festival and noteworthy libraries, and it has served as film locations for a wide range of movies. Residents and visitors alike enjoy sites like Heritage Park, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and The Market Place.

With so much energy and culture in Irvine, it’s no wonder that ambitious professionals in all industries are enticed by the idea of having office space here. But finding workspaces in Irvine at a reasonable price can be daunting, especially for startups, small businesses, and individuals in the market for smaller offices. Fortunately, that’s where WeWork comes in, with coworking spaces designed to appeal to individuals and teams alike at an affordable cost and with best-in-class amenities.


WeWork All Access starting at: $299/month

Nearby Transit: Direct access to the 405; in close proximity to the 55 & 5 freeways

Cross Streets: Von Karman Ave & Quartz

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If you’re searching for coworking space in Irvine, Lakeshore is an excellent place to start. You’ll be in good company, with well-established businesses in fields such as real estate, legal services, and logistics. Need to blow off some steam after a long, productive day? There’s a hotel lounge about a nine-minute walk away, a perfect spot for unwinding with coworkers while enjoying small plates and craft cocktails.

You’ll have plenty of options for dining nearby, whether you would like to treat the team to lunch or want to network over dinner. Choose from casual eateries offering both takeout and delivery, or head to the local café nearby for coffee, a light lunch, and pastries.

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Choosing this coworking space at Lakeshore means getting a sleek, modern space with amenities that are sure to inspire creativity. Flexible offices ensure that you can work closely with your team—or even by yourself—without having to lease a traditional office space. Direct access to the 405 is convenient, and parking for Lakeshore makes it even better. Bring your furry best friend to work with you in this dog-friendly building, and indulge in the outdoor spaces here for laid-back meetings or even just a breath of fresh air and California sunshine. Participate in community events or host your own in the on-site event space, enjoy seasonal menus in the food hall, and spend your breaks playing recreational games or relaxing in the wellness room.

The Boardwalk

WeWork All Access starting at: $299/month

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Nearby Transit: 5000 Birch St Parking; 405; Route A, 400 at Jamboree at Dupont; Zagster Intersect Bike Share at Main St & Karman Ave

Cross Streets: Jamboree Rd & Dupont Dr

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If you’re in the market for a coworking space in Irvine, The Boardwalk has plenty of amenities to make your workdays more pleasant. With titans like PepsiCo residing nearby, you’ll find the motivation and inspiration to take your company to the next level. Treat your team to a post-work event at a nearby hookah lounge offering Mediterranean fare or entertain clients at a fine dining bistro. For a low-key entertainment option, enjoy an evening at the UCI Institute or the Museum of California Art, which offers rotating exhibits that include American Impressionism pieces that focus on the California landscape.

Four best coworking spaces in Irvine (2)

As the name suggests, The Boardwalk coworking space offers a laid-back vibe with light-filled spaces sure to inspire and motivate. Private offices mean you can meet with your team or work individually, and dedicated desks offer space to call your own. There are even full-floor offices available for larger teams that prefer a dedicated space with their own company branding. The outdoor space serves as an ideal spot for meetings or just a dose of California sunshine. Bike storage and an in-house fitness center appeal to those with active lifestyles, while the available showers will help you feel comfortable even after the most intense workout.

Spectrum Center

WeWork All Access starting at: $299/month

Nearby Transit: Irvine Amtrak; Irvine Metrolink; 405; 5; iShuttle

Cross Streets: Irvine Center Dr & Quasar Dr

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Take your business to new heights when you utilize spaces in the bustling Spectrum Center. Situated in close proximity to the 405, this area is a vibrant location that’ll make you feel invigorated day after day. When you need a break after a long workday, head to Irvine Improv for a comedy show, or take in one of the latest blockbusters at the Regal Edwards movie theater that’s only a five-minute walk away. A multitude of dining options nearby—from casual chains, barbecue, and burgers to a host of new American eateries ensure that you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings. And if you want to treat your team for a job well done, consider splurging on dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. The Irvine Spectrum Center also features stores like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Sephora, and Lululemon, all housed within the outdoor mall.

This coworking space has a sleek glass facade with palm trees in front and bright, cheery colors inside. Here you’ll find private offices and dedicated desks in a shared, lockable office. These spaces are especially suited to those who desire a workspace with their own desk but thrive on the energy of working alongside others nearby. Conference rooms are available for brainstorming sessions and team meetings.

Parking on-site means you won’t have to spend part of your day searching for a parking space, and bike storage gives you an alternative commuting option. A wellness room offers a respite from busy days, and the event space is the perfect area to network with your peers. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, visit the Honesty Market for snacks and drinks to fuel your day.

400 Spectrum Center

WeWork All Access starting at: $299/month

Nearby Transit: 300 Parking; 405; 5; 403 at Spectrum Center; Route D at Irvine Spectrum Center; 86 at Alton-Irvine Center

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Cross Streets: Spectrum Center Dr & Gateway

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Choosing a coworking space in Irvine at 400 Spectrum Center means sharing the building with companies like SPI, Cylance, and Q Cells. With these success stories under one roof, it’s difficult not to feel motivated to take your business to new levels. You’ll be centrally located to dining and entertainment options, so you can go from work to play without having to travel too far. Enjoy casual chains, burgers, or barbecue for lunch. If you want to indulge in retail therapy, a shopping mall is just minutes away.

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Find your coworking space at 400 Spectrum Center and bask in the natural light that filters through its sleek glass facade. Here you’ll find private offices, dedicated desks, and conference rooms that facilitate brainstorming with your team. There’s also an on-site mother’s room that is lockable and furnished with a sink and refrigerator for your comfort and privacy. Additionally, a recording studio offers a private space acoustically optimized for handling tasks like recording audio, editing footage, and reviewing film playback.

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Whether you’re freelancing or managing an established company, there’s a WeWork location in Irvine to fit your needs. WeWork On Demand offers pay-as-you-go access to shared office spaces across Irvine, while WeWork All Access unlocks WeWork locations in cities around the world.

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