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For over 40 years, Optima batteries have earned a reputation for being the ultimate power source for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, and commercial vehicles. It’s easy to discern an Optima battery from any other car battery. Optima is the only battery manufacturer to feature SpiralCell Technology, giving each battery a unique shape and form, which the brand calls its signature Six-Pack design.

Since a battery is more about unique shapes and vibrant colors, there’s genuine substance behind Optima’s SpiralCell Technology. The coil-wound design provides more surface area while offering better resistance to extreme vibrations. The result is a battery that cranks out more power for a longer time. The primary downside of Optima batteries is the cost, but you do get a lot of cranking power and innovative features for the money.

What Makes Optima Batteries Unique?

If the rounded, spiral casing is any indication, there’s a bit of clever thinking inside each Optima battery. Optima batteries are available in three variants: RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop, and all share the same proprietary design. Let’s take a closer look.

Spiral-Wound Design

Whereas conventional car batteries have flat and square lead plates, Optima uses spiral-wound cells of 99.9 percent pure lead plates. The spiral winding technique offers better vibration resistance and more efficient power output. Meanwhile, the signature Six-Pack spiral-wound design increases the plate surface area to deliver greater starting power.

Sealed Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Design

There are many types of car batteries, but there are two general classifications: Flooded battery (wet cell) and Valve Regulated Lead Acid or VRLA battery. Optima batteries feature an AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat design, a VRLA battery designed to support the higher electrical demands of modern cars and trucks. AGM batteries have fiberglass separators or glass mats that “absorb” the electrolyte solution inside the battery.

The result is a car battery that performs infinitely better than traditional flooded or gel cell batteries. Based on their design, AGM batteries offer top-tier performance when driving in both hot and cold weather. In addition, AGM batteries can charge five times faster, last three times longer, and cycle down to 80 percent of their DoD or Depth of Discharge (a percentage of the battery that can be drained without damaging the cells).

Benefits of an Optima Battery

With the superior power-holding capabilities of the AGM design and a six-pack of spirally-wound pure lead cells, Optima batteries have many benefits over ordinary car batteries. Benefits include:

  • Power Delivery: Optima delivers high levels of power in the first five seconds of a vehicle’s start cycle. Optima claims to have the most potent five-second starting power on the market.
  • Battery Life & Efficiency: SpiralCell Technology provides 15 times more vibration resistance than cheaper wet cell batteries. Optima batteries also last up to twice as long when compared to flooded or gel cell batteries.
  • Leak-Proof & Maintenance-Free: The spiral cells allow Optima batteries to mount in any position (even upside down) without fear of leaks and corrosive spills.
  • All-Weather Performance: Optima batteries will work in hot or chilly weather, while the corrosion-resistant casing offers better durability.

What Are The Types of Optima Batteries?

Optima has three types of batteries, and each has a purpose of its own. Let’s take a closer look.

Optima RedTop

Optima markets the RedTop as the ultimate starting battery, and it has the muscle to back it up. Optima Redtop batteries provide up to 800 CCA or cold cranking amps, offering a more powerful burst of igniting power for one-click starts every time and in all weather conditions. It also has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes.

The RedTop is great for late-model sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs, heavy equipment, diesel-fed trucks or machinery, and most standard vehicles on the road today. RedTop comes in many sizes, including 34/78, 35, 6-Volt, 75/25, 34R, 25, 34, and 78.

The Optima RedTop is available through Advance Auto Parts for as low as $220.

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Optima RedTop

The Optima RedTop is specifically designed for all types of vehicles and weather conditions with its SpiralCell Technology. Overall, the RedTop delivers more starting power in a shorter amount of time versus a traditional battery.

Every RedTop battery comes with a three-year, free replacement warranty.

Shop Advance Auto Parts

Optima YellowTop

Optima says its YellowTop battery is among the few that can offer genuine dual-use capabilities. Whereas RedTop is a good all-around battery, YellowTop delivers that same power but with remarkable cycling attributes. This makes it ideal for vehicles with tons of electrical accessories and features. Furthermore, the Optima YellowTop has a low internal resistance to deliver consistent power outputs and faster recharging times. It also provides up to 750 CCA.

The Optima YellowTop is ideal for high-performance trucks, SUVs, muscle cars, sport sedans, hot rods, and other streetcars with high-horsepower naturally-aspirated or force-fed engines. In addition, YellowTop is ideal for drag racers, racing vehicles with no standard charging system, and off-road vehicles with a plethora of LED floodlights, winches, inverters, and other electrical accessories. The Optima YellowTop is also great for tractors and forklifts.

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YellowTop batteries are available in many sizes, including DH7, DH6, D34/78, D27F, D51, D31T, D51R, D35, D34, D75/25, D31A, and DS46B24R. They have a price range between $265 and $365 when ordering through Advance Auto Parts. Similarly, Amazon has agood selection of YellowTop batterieswith free shipping.

Optima YellowTop

The YellowTop is designed for vehicles that require additional power. If you’re driving a work truck or service van or have a 4×4 vehicle fitted with accessories like off-road lights and winches, the YellowTop is an excellent choice.

Every YellowTop battery comes with a three-year, free replacement warranty.

Shop Advance Auto Parts

Optima BlueTop

The BlueTop battery is available in two versions. The BlueTop with a dark gray case is a dedicated starting battery for RVs and marine applications. Meanwhile, the BlueTop with a light gray casing is a marine AGM battery for starting and deep cycling, making it ideal for RVs and boat/marine applications with intensive electrical accessories.

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The Optima BlueTop is available in 34M, D27M, D34M, and D31M sizes. It’s available on Amazon for as low as $270.

Optima BlueTop

Boat & RV Battery Vibration Resistant

The BlueTop battery offers faster recharging times and up to 900 cold cranking amps. If you enjoy boating or taking your RV out, the Optima BlueTop is a solid choice with its maintenance-free design.

Every BlueTop battery comes with a three-year, free replacement warranty.

Which Optima Battery Is Right For Me?

If you have a “daily driver” parked in the garage, you can’t go wrong with the Optima RedTop. If you have a high-performance Jeep or off-road truck, the Optima YellowTop will not let you down. But if you have a boat or RV, the Optima BlueTop is the way to go.

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Are There Other Good Car Batteries?

Yes. Although we do think highly of Optima batteries, they are not the only game in town. When it comes to hot and cold weather performance, the DieHard Platinum AGM is also a good choice. DieHard batteries are also known for their patented Stamped Grid technology, making them more durable, maintenance-free, and resistant to corrosion and vibrations. The DieHard Platinum battery is currently available throughAdvance Auto Parts for around $230.

The Downside of Optima Batteries

Nothing is perfect, no matter how good Optima batteries are. The benefits are plenty, but AGM batteries tend to cost a bit more money than a standard wet cell or gel acid battery. But then again, Optima batteries last twice or thrice as long, are maintenance-free, and are mountable in any position with no detriment to recharging or starting power.

Other Helpful Tips

When to buy:Make sure to replace your battery as soon as possible, especially if you cannot remember the last time you had it changed. This will help keep your car and your engine running smoothly no matter the weather. The links above for each battery will take you directly to where you can purchase it.

Buy the correct “group size” battery:Group size requirements will vary by automaker, but the best way to see what your vehicle requires is to consult your owner’s manual.

Remember the warranty:Just as you would do with any other auto part, make sure to read over the warranty when purchasing a new battery.

Ask a trusted mechanic for advice:Qualified automotive technicians have the education, certifications, and experience to help you pick the right battery for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Cold is too Cold for a Car Battery?

Your battery won’t freeze in the literal sense unlessit’s unbelievably cold. Still, according to AAA, the average car battery canlose up to 60 percentof its available starting power when the temperature hits 0°F or below. Since winter can impact battery life and even cause battery failure, it’s all the more reason to seriously consider replacing yours with one of the recommendations on this list.

What is Battery Reserve Capacity?

This is the amount of time a battery will last with the headlights on, under a 25 amp draw (or load), until it’s completely discharged. Having a battery with a high reserve capacity is a bonus, especially if you drive a vehicle with auto start/stop or one with additional accessories that require extra power.

What Are Cold Cranking Amps?

Like reserve capacity, cold cranking amps (CCA) is another important term you will see when shopping for a battery. In so many words, it’s the number of amps that can be harnessed from a 12-volt battery at 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts (or 1.2 volts per cell). The higher the number of cold cranking amps, the stronger the “starting power” of the battery.

Though cold cranking amps are essential, they are not the “end-all, be-all.” With the increased amount of electronics in vehicles today, reserve capacity is just as important. While a battery with a high CCA rating has its benefits, your vehicle might not necessitate such a battery. When selecting a battery, it’s more important to have one that best matches the requirements and specifications of your vehicle instead of one with just a high CCA rating.

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Are OPTIMA batteries still the best? ›

Are Optima batteries any good? Yes, Optima Batteries are considered to be excellent choices. Optima Batteries are AGM lead-acid batteries. AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass Mat,” meaning the mat absorbs the electrolyte inside the battery.

Which is better Optima red or yellow? ›

Cranking Power vs.

For users with a high demand for power when continuous charging capability (like a trickle charger or alternator) isn't practical, the Yellowtop Optima is the better choice over the Redtop.

What is the difference between Optima red yellow and blue top batteries? ›

The RedTop and YellowTop batteries are made to be the best performance automotive batteries, while BlueTop batteries are made for marine and ATV applications.

Are OPTIMA batteries better than other AGM batteries? ›

While we can't speak for every AGM manufacturer, we can tell you that OPTIMA AGM batteries also use 99.99% pure lead, which helps our batteries perform better in all temperature ranges and last longer than their flooded counterparts.

How many years will an OPTIMA battery last? ›

In an application like that, they could expect to see an OPTIMA battery last four to six years. However, in a more moderate climate, like San Diego, if someone might see four years out of a flooded battery, they could see double or triple that out of an OPTIMA.

Which brand battery has the best lifespan? ›

Energizer and Duracell are two of the most well-known brands in the world for high-quality batteries. Both companies produce long-lasting batteries because they use high-quality components. To avoid buying new batteries every time they are used up, you need ones that are long-lasting.

Is Optima Yellow Top worth it? ›

The YellowTop is designed for vehicles that require additional power. If you're driving a work truck or service van or have a 4×4 vehicle fitted with accessories like off-road lights and winches, the YellowTop is an excellent choice. Every YellowTop battery comes with a three-year, free replacement warranty.

What is the difference between Optima Yellow and Blue? ›

Optima starting and deep cycle battery

Note: The difference between BlueTop and YellowTop deep cycle batteries is that BlueTop batteries have both automotive (SAE) posts and threaded studs, while YellowTop's (other than D31T) only have SAE terminals.

What's the difference in colors of OPTIMA batteries? ›

All OPTIMA batteries designed for both starting and deep-cycle use will feature light gray cases, while all OPTIMA batteries designed & warrantied for starting applications will feature dark gray cases. The same is true for our final color, our BLUETOP batteries.

Can I use a blue top Optima in my car? ›

Definitely not! All OPTIMA BLUETOP marine batteries come with both SAE terminals and threaded post terminals, which are more commonly used in marine and RV applications.

Why are OPTIMA batteries failing? ›

In time, AGM batteries, including Optima batteries, may fail. Failures are often caused when a starting battery is used in a cycling application, for which a deep-cycle battery is the better choice. If you have bad AGM battery, you attach it to your charger and the charger won't even charge it.

What is the main disadvantage of an AGM battery? ›

The main disadvantage of an AGM battery is the up-front cost, when compared to a traditional flooded lead-acid battery. That's it. There is no second place or runner-up position, when someone asks for the (singular) main disadvantage is for an AGM battery.

Do OPTIMA batteries need a special charger? ›

One of the most-common misconceptions about OPTIMA batteries is that they require "special" battery chargers. That's just not true. The fact is, most battery chargers will work just fine on OPTIMA batteries in most situations.

Which car battery is better standard or AGM? ›

How is an AGM battery different from a typical lead-acid battery? Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries provide better cycling performance and faster charging performance. AGM batteries demonstrate minimal gassing and acid leakage, last longer and are resistant to freezing.

Can you revive a dead OPTIMA battery? ›

Fortunately, OPTIMA's Digital 1200 12-volt battery charger can recover many deeply-discharged batteries, including batteries discharged all the way down to 1.25 volts!

What is the price of OPTIMA battery? ›

CANDRA 48V Lithium Battery for Hero Electric Optima, Model Name/Number: Canheopt at Rs 23000 in New Delhi.

What brand of battery is the best? ›

The best battery brand is Energizer

Mostly, though, Energizer's products across the entire spectrum of AAs — from alkaline to Lithium-ion — tend to perform well. For example, two Energizer batteries topped Consumer Reports' last Lithium-ion battery rankings.

Which battery is best for long term? ›

Lithium, an exceptionally light metal, gives lithium batteries the highest energy density of any battery cell. Thus, they can store more energy than alkaline batteries or any single-use battery of a comparable size. And they are superb performers in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Is OPTIMA better than Odyssey? ›

Both Odyssey and Optima Batteries are top-tier battery brands with a reputation for high quality and lasting performance. The choice between the two will ultimately be based on your individual requirements and the intended use of the battery.

How many times can you warranty a OPTIMA battery? ›

The vast majority of OPTIMA® battery users are normal consumers and their warranty term will be three years free replacement, with no pro-ration fees involved.

Are OPTIMA batteries good in cold weather? ›

Even OPTIMA batteries are not immune to this, although they are protected from freezing well beyond beyond what a typical flooded battery can withstand. Our YELLOWTOP batteries are protected from freezing down to -30°F and our REDTOP batteries are protected all the way down to -50°F.

Can you jump start OPTIMA batteries? ›

A: Yes it will jump start a deep cycle battery just as easily as any other 12 volt battery.

What is the most commonly used automotive battery? ›

Lead acid batteries are the most common types of batteries used in vehicles today. It's important to know that these batteries aren't actually made of lead. They get their name because of the material it contains called lead plates, which intercalate with sulfuric acid.

What are Blue Top OPTIMA batteries used for? ›

The dual purpose BlueTop (light gray case) can be used for both starting and deep cycling -- it is a true deep cycle battery with extremely high cranking power. Uses include: trolling motors, marine applications with heavy electrical accessories, and RVs.

How many amps is a Optima Yellow Top? ›

Cold Cranking Amps rating at -18°C (0°F)620
Reserve Capacity 25Amp Draw100
Amp Hour @ 20HR Rate48
Cranking Amps rating at 0°C (32°F)775
15 more rows

Is Optima Blue Top AGM or gel? ›

All OPTIMA batteries are AGM batteries, but no OPTIMA batteries are gel batteries. The "g" in "gel" often gets confused with the "G" in AGM.

What are yellow top OPTIMA batteries for? ›

The YELLOWTOP high-performance AGM battery is ideal for trucks with winches, vehicles with high-demand electronics and audio systems, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. The YELLOWTOP high-performance AGM battery is one of the few true dual-purpose automotive batteries available.

Are Optima batteries gel or standard? ›

An OPTIMA battery is neither a gel battery nor a regular flooded battery. OPTIMA is a SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY AGM battery.

How many miles will an Optima last? ›

, you should see the model's average life expectancy of 150,000 to 200,000 miles. This means if you drive 15,000 miles per year, you could get 10 to 13 years out of your Optima before you encounter any major problems. MORE: How long do Kias last?

Does AutoZone carry Optima? ›

You can choose between a variety of Optima batteries at AutoZone. Both the RedTop and YellowTop batteries have their own advantages. However, the YellowTop Optima battery offers a more practical option because it allows users to get uninterrupted power with continuous charging capabilities.

What is the reserve capacity of an Optima Blue Top? ›

Reserve capacity of this battery is 140 minutes with 25 amps discharge at 80° F and capacity of 66 Ah.

Do OPTIMA batteries have a lifetime warranty? ›

An OPTIMA battery does not have a lifetime warranty. Your initial purchase of an OPTIMA battery carries a warranty based on the model and type of usage. If your OPTIMA battery is replaced under the warranty policy, your replacement battery carries a warranty period from the original OPTIMA purchase date.

Are OPTIMA batteries made in the USA? ›

While OPTIMA's Monterrey production facility is currently the only place where OPTIMA batteries are produced, OPTIMA's world headquarters and corporate offices remain in Glendale, Wisconsin, as part of Clarios. Take a virtual tour of the OPTIMA Batteries factory here.

Can you jump start a car with an AGM battery? ›

A: No. In the jump starting application, the jump starter acts as an extension of the vehicle's battery.

Should I leave my AGM battery on charge? ›

It is important to note that AGM batteries still must be charged before storing and will require maintenance charging while in long term storage but will charge faster than a flooded battery.

Is it worth upgrading to an AGM battery? ›

AGM, or absorbed glass mat, batteries will not only perform better and last longer than flooded batteries, but their sealed design will help minimize the chance of battery acid causing damage to your vehicle.

Why should I buy an OPTIMA battery? ›

Optima Yellowtop batteries are specifically designed to handle that higher amperage rate during recharging and the critical difference from competing deep-cycle batteries is the Optima Yellowtop's ability to better cope with accidental overcharging, hard sulfation, and the reduced life expectancy that results.

Will alternator charge OPTIMA battery? ›

OPTIMA batteries, like any other automotive or marine battery, can definitely be recharged after use. In fact, it happens all the time. Most vehicles have integrated charging systems, most often in the form of an alternator, that recharges OPTIMA batteries while the engine is running.

How many amps should a OPTIMA battery have? ›

For regular charging, we recommend a maximum of 10 amps, 13.8 to 15.0 volts. For float charging, we recommend one amp maximum, 13.2 to 13.8 volts. Under normal (engine-starting) conditions, an OPTIMA battery should never experience “at-rest” voltages below 10.5 volts.

Why do new cars use AGM batteries? ›

AGM batteries are extremely resistant to vibration, are totally sealed, non-spillable and maintenance-free. AGM offers better cycling performance, minimal gassing and acid leakage when compared with conventional lead-acid batteries. The result of all the features of AGM technology is superior life performance.

How do I know if my battery is wet gel or AGM? ›

In addition to their labeling, an easy way to differentiate between these two types of lead-acid batteries is to shake them. A wet cell will continue to move around inside for a short time after you stop shaking, while a gel-filled battery will not.

What happens if you use a regular battery instead of AGM? ›

Replacing an AGM with an EFB or conventional battery would be like using the wrong spare part. The battery life is shortened, and the performance of the Start-Stop and comfort functions of the vehicle are not guaranteed. Therefore, replace AGM only with AGM!

Why are Optima batteries failing? ›

In time, AGM batteries, including Optima batteries, may fail. Failures are often caused when a starting battery is used in a cycling application, for which a deep-cycle battery is the better choice. If you have bad AGM battery, you attach it to your charger and the charger won't even charge it.

What is the #1 longest-lasting AA battery? ›

Nothing outlasts Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA batteries. The Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries are not only the #1 longest-lasting AA batteries…they are complete with leak resistance and performance in extreme temperatures (-40ºF to 140ºF or -40ºC to 60ºC).

What battery is comparable to Optima? ›

Odyssey and Optima both produce AGM batteries. Odyssey uses Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, whereas Optima manufactures GAM batteries using their patented Spiral Gem technology. The batteries can function well and last for a very long period thanks to both technologies.

Can I use a trickle charger on a OPTIMA battery? ›

Trickle chargers, tenders, float chargers, maintainers or whatever else you'd like to call them can all generally charge OPTIMA batteries without any issue.

Can you jump start an OPTIMA battery? ›

A: Yes it will jump start a deep cycle battery just as easily as any other 12 volt battery.

What batteries last the longest for a car? ›

7 Best Car Batteries
  • Most Reliable: Optima RedTop.
  • Best Lead-Acid: DieHard Platinum.
  • Best Value: ACDelco Gold.
  • Longest-Lasting: DieHard Gold.
  • Most Versatile: Odyssey Performance Series.
  • Best Dual-Purpose Battery: Optima YellowTop.
  • Best Performance: Braille Intensity Battery.
May 8, 2023

Which battery has the shortest lifespan? ›

The cycle life of lead acid batteries is lower than that of other rechargeables.
How long should batteries last?
ChemistryShelf LifeCycle Life
Lithium Non-Rechargeable10-12 YearsNone
Nickel Cadmium1.5-3 Years1,000 +
Nickel Metal Hydride3-5 Years700-1,000
Lithium Rechargeable2-4 Years600-1,000
3 more rows
Jan 13, 2017

What car replaced the Optima? ›

2021 marked the launch of the all-new Kia K5, which replaces the Optima in the Kia lineup.

What is the difference between Optima red and blue? ›

Internally, they are identical. Externally, the lid is a different color and the 34M BLUETOP has additional threaded terminals for marine and RV applications and comes with a two-year, free-replacement warranty (the Group 34 REDTOP warranty is three years, free replacement).

Can you put an Optima battery in a car? ›

Definitely not! All OPTIMA BLUETOP marine batteries come with both SAE terminals and threaded post terminals, which are more commonly used in marine and RV applications. However, internally BLUETOP marine batteries are otherwise identical to their automotive counterparts.

Which brand of battery lasts the longest and why? ›

In general, batteries made by reputable companies with strong brand names do indeed perform better than the cheap stuff. Energizer, and Duracell (probably the most expensive battery brands) are among the best performers.

Which batteries last longer alkaline or lithium? ›

However, lithium iron disulfide batteries, or lithium batteries, have several distinct advantages over their alkaline counterparts: Lithium batteries are designed to last longer, making them a good choice for high-tech and smart devices, and those electronics for which changing the battery is inconvenient.

Can AA battery last 10 years? ›

On average, AA batteries last for about 5-10 years, but it still depends on the different key factors discussed here.


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